Jubilee Party To Join Raila Protests If Asked – SG Kioni

Jeremiah Kioni, Secretary General of the Jubilee Party, has now stated that if necessary, party members will attend public rallies scheduled by Azimio la Umoja coalition leader Raila Odinga.

During an interview with Spice FM on Monday, December 5, Kioni stated that the Jubilee party, along with the other Azimio coalition parties, are awaiting Odinga’s directive on the meeting’s terms.

“If it is a rally that we will need to attend as members of the opposition then we will attend. I am sure we will get communication from Raila Odinga,” he said. 

Kioni said that he will reach out to Raila to get the plan for the meeting.

“I will reach out to him so that we get into the details of when is the rally meeting and what is the plan.” 

He said the meetings will provide a platform to discuss and understand the governance of the administration.

Kioni announced on Saturday, December 3, that the former ruling party would not participate in Odinga’s demonstrations, which are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, December 7, at the Kamukunji Grounds in Nairobi.

Parties affiliated with the Azimio la Umoja Coalition are awaiting more details on the rally, though KANU has also withdrawn from the planned protests.

Odinga, Kenya’s opposition leader, has called his followers to a gathering on December 7 at Kamukunji Grounds to discuss how to hold the Kenya Kwanza government accountable.

“We will return to the same venue on December 12th, to continue with these consultations on the state of our nation,” he added.