Oscar Sudi turns ‘hate speech’ heat on ODM

Controversial Kapsaret legislator Oscar Sudi has refused to apologize for his alleged slur against President Uhuru Kenyatta. –

Sudi maintained that he was only ‘speaking the truth’, and was shocked that the whole nation was rioting against him.

“I was very surprised to see so many women agitated that I referred to women’s breasts, it is even in the bible, that was not an insult, I will apologize once people show me where I went wrong,” he barked.

Sudi also revealed he was shocked at the Orange Democratic Party (ODM), who came out to condemn him, accusing Raila Odinga for hypocrisy.

“I was surprised to see Raila Odinga speaking yesterday, why hadn’t he speak when Gladys Wanga and Babu Owino insulted the president? If there is a party that has insulted the president, it’s the ODM party, they should not be speaking now,” Sudi added.

He also weighed in on allegations that Deputy President William Ruto is behind the verbal warfare and infighting among Jubilee members.

“I have my own brains, Ruto has his own brains. If its any person to apologize is our Party leader Uhuru Kenyatta. He is my party leader.” He added.