FKF elections: presidential candidate Herbeert Mwachiro exudes confidence ahead of October poll

This past week marked a significant step in the journey towards the FKF Presidency. I presented my nomination papers together and was cleared. I am on the ballot. It has taken a lot of prayer, courage, soul searching and moral support to get to this stage. The challenges that lie ahead are even greater but we are determined to succeed.

I thank you for the continued support and encouragement that you have given since I entered this contest. I do not take it for granted. Football is the greatest sport in the world and certainly the number one sport in Kenya. With good management and transparency in its administration we can transform the game, become a successful industry and open up its potential like never before.

To quote Muhammad Ali the greatest boxer of all time: “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” I ask the Good Lord for continuous guidance.

Thank you and you all be blessed.

Herbert Mwachiro – said in a statement.