Gullible Joe Nyagah bids to topple Uhuru

Joseph Nyagah vied for presidency in 2017 general elections |PHOTO: Courtesy

BY HENRY KIMOLI- From the blue, former Cabinet Minister Joseph Nyangah has resurfaced from the political archives and announced his plans to succeed President Uhuru as the leader of the GEMA.

Nyagah, a son of former powerful President Jomo Kenyatta and Moi era minister, Jeremiah Nyagah essentially is angling to be the President of Kenya…or at best a regional kingpin.

A political opportunist of sorts, Nyagah has spelt new lease of life in his diminishing political career through the BBI initiative and the imminent retirement of Uhuru Kenyatta.

And so on Monday, the experienced minister triggered, manipulated or conspired with Church leaders from nondescript organizations  such as Bishop Johana Ndirangu of the Akorino faithful to endorse him for the next GEMA leader.

So how has Nyagah’s politics evolved?


The Nyagah family regrouped to inherit the political mantle from their aging Father, Jeremiah.

His young brother Norman contested the Gachoka constituency seat and won on a DP ticket in 1992.

However, thanks to close ties with Moi and Jeremiah, he prevailed upon Norman to change his political base to Kamukunji constituency and leave Gachoka to Nyagah.

Both won their respective seats and Nyagah was appointed to the cabinet by Moi.

His stature as a cabinet minister from a royal background made his star rise sharply, elevating him to one of the key players in the Moi succession.

Moi succesion in 2002.

Joseph Nyagah found himself in the thick of things.

As a GEMA boy, he was utilized by the political system to undermine Kalonzo Musyoka in Lower Eastern.

The brief was to fashion himself as an alternative to Kalonzo, using his connections and heritage in Mutonguni Location, Kitui West.

Nyagah, a cousin of former Environment Minister Francis Nyenze wanted to contest for KANU Vice Chairman against Kalonzo.

To achieve this, he had to be elected as the Mbeere KANU Chairman.

And so Moi ordered a sham election, appointed Nyenze the returning officer, with the sole aim of rigging out Mr. Justin Muturi.

And so on 13th January 2002, Nyenze, then a Cabinet Minister for Culture and Social Services referred the sham election that almost turned chaotic.

Muturi supporters pelted Nyenze’s car with stones, forcing his bodyguards to fire in the air.

Nyenze’s bodyguard Nimrod Mbai, the current MP for Kitui East shot in the air to disperse the crowd.

Nyagah embarrassed at Kasarani

Then and now, political manners is not a way of life for KANU.

Nyagah led a fierce campaign to dislodge Kalonzo from KANU in 2002 when Raila came calling.

But quick intervention by Kamba King Mulu Mutisya saw the Nyagah dream crushed.

He was locked out of the Kasarani arena by security during the notorious KANU elections on 20th March 2002.

Kalonzo won the election and Nyagah was consigned to KANU political dustbin.

Nyagah and ODM

During the fircely fought 2007 election, Nyagah was one of the Pentagon members for Raila…alongside William Ruto…Charity Ngilu…Najib Balala…Musalia Mudavadi…

He brought no votes to the Raila basket in the disputed election, other than giving Raila a GEMA presence and face.

He was promptly appointed a minister during the Grand coalition Government…as a powerful minister for cooperatives.

Joseph Nyagah with ODM party leader Raila Odinga at a past political meeting in Capital Hill |PHOTO: Courtesy


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