December is the Month when the world suddenly remembers Charity and sharing.

Not that Kenyans give much. They donate old, tattered shirts, torn trousers and lingerie they no longer need.

And so town dwellers will be yelling with pretence, dashing up country to ‘share‘ Christmas. 

These are the characters Mutahi wants barred from travelling…unless they show proof of vaccination.

Freeze them.

The Covid threat is real. Vaccinating is the only gift you need this christmas. 


Hustler Corner: Mount Kenya Gamble

Startling stats have started flogging the interwebs about who is ahead between Azimio Raila and Hustler Ruto. And the in-between.

Ruto wheelbarrow passengers are claiming the lead in the GEMA California equivalent state. At 60 per cent. 

Raila’s Azimio army says they have scaled a third of the mountain…and so they are on the ascendancy. Say at 40 per cent.


GEMA voters are last minute guys when playing away from home. They have NOT decided.

They have only heard tales and reasons…nothing concrete.


Ruto has so far banked Rift Valley Kalenjin and Kikuyu resident voters . Raila has deposited Luo and Luhya votes at home and in diaspora. 

The other votes are with their owners.