INTEL BRIEF 16/22: Raila Banks On Majimbo Pay, Ruto Harvests Spoils

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Raila Odinga fathered, midwived and delivered devolution because he feared he may never be elected President. His strong holds had been neglected by successive governments.

Devolution has now been entrenched, and with it, regional politics is reloaded. We are back to the Ronald Ngala, Tom Mboya, Paul Ngei pre-independence era

Raila, as Azimio leader wants to deploy devolution to defeat the Uhuruto remnants

And so he has assembled a litany of regional, County tribal outfits to collate votes in 37 counties.

Hustler Re-Energized

Meanwhile, Ruto is reenergised. He has branded his former boss President Uhuru Kenyatta a political hawker.

He has caused a scorched earth policy uprising in Central Kenya. The President is not sitting pretty. At least as of 15th March 2022

DP Ruto message has been consistent. That Raila is assembling leaders to auction Kenya

He has galvanised the youth to reject the Majimbo style national politics, arguing that Kenya belongs to all. These youth have now formed a political squad that Ruto is using to heckle his former boss Kenyatta

The Ruto youth brigade is spread accross all the 47 counties. It’s headquarters is their mobile phone. This team is exploiting the cracks that led to the UhuRuto burn out.

Ruto has turned the political narrative that Kenyatta is responsible for the rise in the debt ceiling, and decline in jobs.

He has turned GEMA against his boss, claiming he is targetting his folks in the war against tax-cheats.

He managed to turn leaders tainted in graft, to preachers of the Hustler gospel, promising haven for their loot.

This week, Ruto plans to cool Central Kenya politics by offering his former boss ‘amnesty’ over his legacy.

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