Kenya to Finalize Position Paper for COP 15 

Written By Vanessa Kariuki || 

A workshop is set to draft and validate the country’s position paper for the Conference of the Parties (COP 15) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework.

In preparation for COP 15 of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the tenth Meeting of the Cartagena Protocol, and the fourth Meeting of the Parties to the Nagoya Protocol, the meeting brings together specialists from government and higher education institutions.

The team will focus on three theme areas, according to the Director MEAs, Mr. Cyrus Mageria, who spoke at the opening meeting: COP 15 country stance, 10th meeting of Parties to Cartegena Protocol on Safety, and 4th meeting of Parties to Nagoya Protocol on Genetic Resources.

“COP 15 is a defining moment as parties will be expected to adopt a new framework to guide effective implementation of the Convention and its two Protocols,” said Mageria.

The conference will take place from December 7–19, 2022, in Montreal, Quebec, the location of the UN CBD Secretariat. Participants will establish new objectives and create an action plan for nature over the following ten years.

The goal of COP15 will be to stop the loss of biodiversity globally and to conserve the environment. The success of COP15 for nature is a top objective for the Canadian government.

International collaboration is urgently required to stop and reverse the devastating global loss of biodiversity.

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