All You Need To Know About Safaricom’s Graduate Program

In a bid to review Safaricom PLC is currently receiving applications for the Discover Graduate Program.

Under this programme, fresh graduates with knowledge in the field of ICT, in regards to Cyber security and programming, get to benefit from an established tech firm.

Graduates encouraged to apply to include those who studied;

Cyber Security – The technique of securing key systems and sensitive data from digital threats is known as cybersecurity. Cybersecurity measures, also known as information technology (IT) security, are designed to prevent threats to networked systems and applications, whether they come from within or outside of a company.

Full Stack Development – It refers to the development of both front ends (client-side) and back-end (server-side) portions of the web application.

Front-end Development – Working on the part of a software that users interact with, such as desktop or mobile websites.

Back-end Development. – server-side logic development that powers websites and apps from behind the scenes It contains all of the code required to create the database, server, and application.

Here is how you can apply

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