Ugandan Church Breaks Record For The Longest Clapping

Members of the Phaneroo Ministries International have broken a Guinness World Record after clapping for 3 hours and 16 minutes nonstop. 

The three-hour and sixteen-minute clapping expedition followed stringent regulations such as clapping hands only with no voice noise or stomping, no musical instruments, all phones in silent mode and no toilet breaks. 

In addition, sound levels were to be kept at 80 decibels for the length of the endeavour, and if someone required a pint of water or soda, someone would be assigned to them, holding a bottle to their mouth and clapping as they sipped the liquid.

This extraordinary feat, called “Clap for Jesus,” took held on July 30th at the UMA multipurpose hall to commemorate Phaneroo Ministries’ 9th anniversary.

Phaneroo, known in Uganda for its lively and dynamic events, drew thousands of eager attendees from all over Kampala, many of whom stood on the sidelines as hundreds of people took part in the challenge.

Photos on social media show a tired congregation clapping in various phases, with some seated in the hall and others stretched outdoors on the lawn, heads bent. 

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