Environment CS Tuya Leads Tree Planting Exercise In Ngong Hills Forest

    Environment, Climate Change, and Forestry Cabinet Secretary, Hon Soipan Tuya led a tree planting exercise in Kona Baridi, Ngong Hills Forest Block in Kajiado County where 300 trees were planted.

    The CS took the opportunity to inspect and monitor the performance of the 5,600 trees planted during President William Ruto’s 56th Birthday and the launch of the National Tree Growing Restoration Campaign.

    In her remarks, the CS encouraged Kenyans to heed the President’s call for every Kenyan to plant at least 300 seedlings at an individual level towards achieving 15 billion trees by 2032.

    “Beyond the gazetted forests, I want to tell our farmers and people living within community lands that they can derive their livelihoods from growing trees and economic returns as it is stated in the Kenya Kwanza manifesto which talks about People, Environment and Profit”, the CS said

    CS Soipan acknowledged the good work done by the Kenya Forest Service and the Community in ensuring that the 5,600 trees planted had survived.

    “When we put our efforts and have a very comprehensive plan around our tree growing then we are going to achieve our objective 15 bn trees”, the CS said

    The CS said that the government is committed to attain 30% tree cover by 2032 and the Ministry is collaborating with all the stakeholders to ensure the government target is met.

    “I encourage the Ngong people to continue nurturing the trees to ensure that the forest integrity is restored for the mutual benefit of the current and future generations,” the CS said.

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    She further invited the community to change their mentality on tree growing and support the government in the 15bn trees campaign. “Over the next 10 years employment will be created in seedling production, tree planting and maintenance, forest rangers & foresters, Community Scouts and maintenance of forest resources” the CS stated.

    Deputy Governor of Kajiado Martin Moshisho said Kajiado government has declared a total crackdown for charcoal burning and was totally in support with the conservation of the Environment.

    Pakistan Higher Commissioner to Kenya Ms Saqlain Syedah said will adapt an ecosystem where she can rally her community and her office to plant trees and conserve the environment.

    The tree planting event was attended by Kajiado West, MP Hon. Sunkuyia George, CEOs and representatives from SAGAs in the Ministry.